The Partisan City-States

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The northern part of Imperiya Serebra, roughly from the northern shore of Partisan Lake to the dwarven lands and tundra.

The fighting stopped for the last time in 860 ARA when hostilities erupted internal in Imperiya Serebra. Groups in the northern part of the country had never been strongly influenced by the empire. Ethnically, they were disparate group of tribal peoples that had no real connection to the Stavrou people of the south. Over time these tribal differences developed into different factions, and hostilities between them and the Crown began to develop when they banded together over their disagreements over government policy and the fact that it was their people sent to fight in these wars. So, in that year the factions banded together into a force known as the Partisans, and blockaded the north from the south. The Crown responded by sending troops to maintain the status quo, and a bloody civil war began.

The war continued for 35 years – one of the longest in the history of the world. Things came to a swift end in 891 ARA, soon after the Partisans in the north perfected the inventions of flintlock weapons. There are some that believe the Ottimizzarian Order Mechanical form Volkstaadt assisted them with this, giving them the technology so that it would end one of the bloodiest conflicts in history until that time. Because of this rumor, relations between Imperiya Serebra and Volkstaadt have been touchy ever since.

In 893 ARA and official peace accord was signed on Mar 3rd and is now celebrated as Solidarity Day. The peace accord maintained the north as a part of the Silver Empire, but granted them autonomous governance and representation in the Court of the Tsar. Today, the north is ruled by what is known as Partisan City-States. With hostiles with the south at an end, the factions went back to squabbling among themselves, making the northern part of the empire a dangerous place for anyone from the south and anyone from a different faction. Today there are eight factions.

The Partisan City-States

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