The Ottimizzarian Order

Oracle_Think_Tank_Icon.png The Volkstaadt Army is purely volunteer, and yet is one of the most technologically advanced and effective forces in the world thanks largely to the Iberian Order.

This order is a special group of non-combatant soldiers that work tirelessly on various projects to promote the betterment of society. These sometimes take the form of experimenting with new types of magic, curative medicines to end diseases, weapons to wage war more humanely and effectively to promote peace, or any other project that the Electors of Volkstaadt deem to be promising and in line with the Order’s mission. In the past, these projects have included such marvelous advancements as the cure for the Slokumn Fever, the development of flintlock firearms, tehchnologies to unlock the natural potential of animals and humanoids, and others too numerous to name.

The Iberian Order is further divided into several different wings. There is the Iberian Arcane, which works to develop and perfect magic. The Iberian Mechanical, which works to develop devices and technology of a non-magical nature. The Iberian Alechmical, which works to develop potions, poisons, and tonics to cure, subdue or kill. Finally, the Iberian Natural, which works with creatures both magical and non-magical.

The system of constant research leads to the occasional problem, of course. There are some research teams that take advantage of the system and make use of funds and equipment provided by Volkstaadt and simply do nothing. There are others that work on forbidden projects. To police the research teams and ensure everything stays as it should, there is a fifth wing of the Iberian Order known as the Iberian Regulators that have a mission to ensure teams have everything they need to complete their projects and remains truthful about their intentions.

Notable members of the Iberian Order include Thornen Bronzebreeches of the Iberian Mechanical and Ferris Lockwood of the Iberian Natural.

Adrian Hunston is a member of the Iberian Arcane currently in Colonia Vulpus Maxima studying the Leedum Gallery

The Ottimizzarian Order

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