Historical Events and Timeline

Inventions and Technological Advancements
The Re-Ascension
The Rend-Asunder
The Shying
The Time of Troubles
Salvio’s Folly
Wars, Battles, Skirmishes

History of the World

Current history begins with an event known as the Rend-Asunder. No one is sure exactly when it happened or why, but all evidence suggest that it was a cataclysmic event that put a swift end to all known civilizations at the time. After this, the survivors were scattered and few. They banded together into tribes. Some of those tribes grew through war or prosperity, and became nations. Some of them did not, and were either swallow by the growing nations or remain tribal even today. Whatever the cause, historical forensics holds the following assumptions:

  • The Rend-Asunder was maybe around 1000 years ago.
  • Magic as we know it did not exist back then.

How are these assumptions made? Because the most powerful divination magics can look back through time, but the earliest they can see is to a few moments after the Rend-Asunder. While the nature of such magic prevents researchers from being able to see all of history, there have been instances to allow them to look back and piece together some information. The earliest vision was thanks to the discovery of an altar at a place called Kategat. Using magic here, they were able to see a vision of the land torn apart, with the sky on fire and a grim white glow all long the horizon.

Historical Events and Timeline

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