The lands of Echecarythrae suffer some horrible curse. About 200 years ago, the sky went dark and daylight was rare. Within a decade, the sun stopped rising. Locals call this the Darkfall. There was a ~100 year dark age, with no sunlight. The monsters of the underdark found the surface, no longer impeded thanks to the absence of the heat and light, and the wilderness became extremely deadly.

Civilizations fell, and the survivors retreated into the final strongholds they could hold. They valiantly defended this region, but everything else was all but completely lost. 80 years ago, after over 100 years of nothing but night, the sun rose again. But not for long. One hour of sunlight a day. Eventually it started picking up, and now, 80 years after the dark age ended, the sun rises for about 5-7 hours a day, depending on the month. It has been this way, except for a time when it again disappeared for the few weeks around two years ago.

The wilderness is vast, thick, and dangerous. Civilization has set up outposts along the border of their last remaining regions to deter the creatures from invading. Most of recorded history has been lost. Entire races of underground folk like dwarves and dark elves have not been sighted since. There’s barely a soul alive who can read dwarvish. The only gnomes alive are the ones who have been born, raised, and lived either in the forest or on rocky hills and mountains in the region.

The world is full of ruins, treasure, heirlooms, and unknown items of untold power. However, the world is deadly. All that is left of civilization are 5 major cities. There are a few small towns too, but aside from that, remains all that we know is left after the great dark age.

Pre-History (Dusk): Unconfirmed Years

The Dark Age: 102 years

The Dawn: 81 years so far


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