Formerly ruled by Warden Eugene Maret – the self-styled Baron of Dark Fortune. In ARA912 Warden Maret was arrested by order of the King for conspiracy to commit treason and for his admission of involvement with dark powers. The new Baron of Ruban was appointed – a chevalier loyal to the King by the name of Berwood Wardstein. It was a decision that was not taken lightly by the existing aristocracy due to his being an outsider.


Population: 4,423, Size: 73 acres

Wealth: 663,450 gp. Max value for sale: 1,460 gp. Max pawn value: 7,740 gp


  • Human (78%). Almost exclusively ethnic Oublian, with some Fragrantian and Verden.
  • Halfling (13%). Immigrants from northern Fragrantia.
  • Elf (3%)
  • Gnome (2%)
  • Dwarf (2%)
  • Half-Elf (1%)
  • Half-Orc (0%)

Businesses of Note

The Bush and Black Tavern

  • Owner: Gloria Simmons, Female Human
    *Tale: She was raised in a island tribe. There was a wharf not far from home where she often wandered off to fish. She has been a successful dealer in antiques buying low and selling high.
  • Description: The tavern is a wooden single storey building, with a white shingled roof and roughly hewn wooden furniture. It contains large persian rugs on the floor and messy tables covered in cutlery and leftover food.
  • Specials:
    Chicken Ramen with Oat Bread and a Glass of Brandy (5 sp)
    Cheese Ramen and a Glass of Whiskey (4 sp)
    Dire Pig Stew with Cake and a Glass of Vodka (5 sp)

Blacksmith: Hal’s Crafthouse

  • Owner: Beverly Paxton, Female Human
  • Tale: Her history is one of pain. She was disowned by both parents and raised among the slaves her parents kept. She was an apprentice working in her mother’s forge. She then took over the family business.
  • Description: The blacksmith is a plaster and wood framed cabin, with a heather-thatched roof and a large cellar. A dog serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains cobwebs in the corners and a large variety of metal tongs hanging on the walls.
  • Specials:
    Mithral Armor (dmg 182) (741 gp)
    Vicious Weapon (dmg 209) (346 gp)

Jeweler: The Shiny Stone

  • Owner: Elma Thorton, Female Human
  • Tale: Elma was raised in a hard working conservative environment. She helped her father out around the business and became quite the natural. She then took over the family business.
  • Description: The jeweler is a timber and brick two-storey building, with a white shingled roof and a koi pond. It contains a large brass countertop and several framed paintings of necklaces.
  • Specials:
    Ring of Warmth (dmg 193) (950 gp)
    Exquisite Necklace (5 gp)
    Exquisite Necklace (5 gp)

General Store: Fleetfoot’s Provisions

  • Owner: Beverly Remein, Female Human
  • Tale: She was born to loving parents in a slum to the west. One day when Beverly was young, her father was sewing while trying to overcome the flu, when suddenly her father dropped to the ground dead. Her father had died from a severe disease that was unknown to the village doctor. Beverly was heart-stricken from the event, and her mother started working long hours to provde for them. She has since married many spouses, only to have them die. She claims to not be responsible.
  • Description: The general store is a plaster large single storey building, with a black shingled roof and elf-wrought furniture. It contains a high vaulted ceiling and jars of bulk candy on the counter.

Pawn: Peddle Pawn

  • Owner: Jaques Bulsara, Male Human
  • Tale: He comes from a rich southern family. His father was a mechanic, and taught him how to fix just about anything. He has worked as a Barrister like his father before him.
  • Description: The general store is a brick large single storey building, with large windows and elf-wrought furniture. It contains well-stocked workshop and several lanterns hanging from the roof beams.


Formerly ruled by Warden Eugene Maret – the self-styled Baron of Dark Fortune. He was granted Ruban by Marchioness Marie-Juliet Roche DuChamp nearly 17 years ago. Her decision was more by force than choice, as Warden Maret had taken Ruban by force form the previous owner appointed by the Marchioness – his brother Henri Maret. As such, she was left with two choices – officially recognize Eugene as Lord of Ruban or take Ruban back by force. Since she lacked the resources of the latter (and risked an embarrassing and disastrous defeat in the process) she opted for the former. The two did become fast friends, however, as the new Lord Maret proved to be more profitable than his brother, and the annual tithe Maret provided granted the Marchioness quite a bit of influence.

Maret is known as a cruel ruler. He is well aware of the Marchioness’ inability to extert order and influence beyond the walls of Porte du Or, and so rules the area around the Risen Axe lands, south to Montagne Vineyard, and east to McAbry’s Lake challenged only by the other tribes and Lord Albert Gardet whole rules Cize in the south. He gains wealth by taxation and tolls, as the main roads in the countryside all roll through Ruban.

Maret is also a religious zealot – firmly believing in Hextor. The symbol of Hextor (six arms in a circle) tops Maret’s crest on his standard.

In terms of might, Maret fields a standing force of around 300 soldiers which keep the peace and collect his taxes in his lands. With warning, he could conscript perhaps 800 more from those that live in his lands. In his battles with Lord Gardet, it is know that he has the capability to build siege engines and forcibly conscript members of the Risen Axe and Mermac Nomad tribes.

His title of Warden comes from his also being in charge of provincial sheriff garrisons n the absence of Sheriff Hoyt. There is a crew of at least 10 deputies on hand in Ruban at all times.


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