Weslam Coastal Fortress

An archaeological dig site on Socho Isle in Lareux Foret. It was discovered in 901 ARA after a semi-famous salvage/adventuring party, in an expedition funded by Jol Moor, returned form the site with items of historical significance. Thus far, archaeologists have pieces together that the site was most likely a defensive position created and maintained by the lost culture known as the Muphate.

The Muphate, who ruled what is known as the Muphate Dynasty, had a territory that extended from the Glassy Expanse to half-way through what is now the Fragrant Empire. Evidence at the other sites in the form of the Muphate Index (a map of Muphate territory as it looked as some point prior to the Rend Asunder) shows that this land, now called Socho isle, was once known as Weslam and was a peninsula, not an island.

From examining the site on Socho Isle, archaeologists have been able to determined that the Muphate must have had their share of enemies. The site appears to be a fortress in a position that would have had a strategic advantage over protecting their western coastline. Thus far, the primary finds from the former fortress are a series of canons believes to be a part of a coastal battery. Each canon, about 12’ long and engraved with Muphate runes, seems to be made of an unfamiliar metal. What’s more – no ammunition or sign of gunpowder has been located on the site, leading some to believe that the fortress was either never in service, or the Muphate had some technology that did not require gunpowder or shot. The fact that no other Muphate site shows any evidence of shot or powder supports this argument.

Sadly, work at the Weslam Coastal Fortress dig site has ceased within the past year. Between funding drying up due to the war, and the loss of several key members of the dig due to troubling deaths on the site, there is little work ongoing. As of this writing, there remains a handful of dedicated shovelbums remaining on the site, working to catalog and discover what remains here. They are, in fact, so dedicated that they have refused to leave the site, even after a direct order form Marquis Bathurst to vacate the site.

Weslam Coastal Fortress

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