A loose term of association that comprises the multiple ancestral tribes of what is now Forste Verden, these people tend to have tan or ruddy complexions as if they spend a great deal of time out in the elements. They tend to be slightly taller than average (5’8" to 6’8") and have a range of hair colors in the auburn and red spectrum. Those with brown hair indicates some lineage with the Oublian people, who have ancestral lands just across Treach Bay. Albinism is slightly more common among Verdens. Those that are born without pigmentation are made into shamans.

The standard of beauty and current fashion trend among Verdens is simple, functional clothing, but not without a flair here or there – a gold broach or cloak clasp, twisted wire bracelets, etc. Verdens tend to wear their hair long, male or female, and it is popular to decorate it with beads and braids. This is a fashion trend the Verdens have adopted from dwarves, who they tend to have good relations with. It is also popular to undergo tattooing as a way of inscribing your own story onto your body, a technique they learned from the Goliath tribes that cohabitation in their homelands.


Common boy names:
Simon, Magnus, Jonas, Erlend, Joakim, Bernhard, Vegard, Jakob, Even, Harald, Truls, Brage, Svein, Gaute, Gustav, Odin, Torgils, Konrad, Hans, Johan, Lars

Common girl names:
Silje, Emma, Vilde, Martine, Emilie, Thea, Elise, Helene, Ingrid, Mora, Ingeborg, Sigrid, Victoria, Stine, Lise

Common surnames:
Hansen, Johansen, Olsen, Nilsen, Larsen, Halvorsen, Jorgensen, Gundersen, Berg, Eiksen, Solberg, Strand


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