When the Fragrant Empire split several generations ago, the daughter of the emperor was sent to rule the eastern lands. These lands are now known as Serebra. The ethnic make up consists of a mixture of the local indigenous tribe (the Stavrou) and those of Fragrantia. At this point enough time and interbreeding has taken place that they are ethnically distinct from both of these original groups.

Serebrans tend to have very pale to ruddy skin, and blue eyes are much more common than brown for them. Around 1 in every 10000 children is born with yellow or red eyes, which Serebrans take a sign that the child will grow up to be a great person, as one of the myths of the original tribal people of the area was that the first leader of the Stavrou had one yellow and one red eye. They tend to be around average height (5’4" to 6’4") and of average build.


Popular boys names:
Nikita, Dima, Alexei, Sergey, Andrey, Vladimir, Artyom, Ivan, Kirill, Dmitri, Egor, Maxim, Ilya, Roman, Oleg, Vadim, Yugo, Pyotr, Victor, Nikkolai, Vasili, Sokol, Mikhail, Fedor, Pavel

Popular girls names:
Anastasia, Natya, Olga, Dsha, Katya, Julia, Irinia, Polina, Tanya, Sonya, Alexandra, Lera, Masha, Victoria, Natalia, Tatiana, Diana

Common last names:

Ivanov, Kuznetsov, Popov, Vasiliev, Petrov, Sokolov, Fedorov, Morozov, Volkov, Egorov, Pavlov, Orlov


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