Beginning as a small tribe known as The Forgotten in the northern part of Ambroise Ame in what is now Porte du Or, the Oublian people tend to range in skin tone from very pale to dark brown. They tend to be average of height (5’4" to 6’4"), and have a range of hair colors in the blonde and brown spectrums. Those with red hair indicate some shared lineage with Verden people, which is not entirely unheard of given their ancestral position just across Treach Bay. Black hair is also not unheard, and indicates some shared lineage with people of Fragrantia or Arena, but that is much more rare.

The standard of beauty and current fashion trend is to appear as pale as possible. Powdered wigs are common among the upper crust. Luxury items like perfumes, jewelry, and fine cloth are very desirable. There is little gender discrimination, but there are also few women in power due to the cultural desire to send girls to the academies rather than pursue politics.


Common boy names:
Tomas, Nicolas, Julien, Quentin, Maxime, Antoine, Pierre, Jaque, Florian, Guillaume, Adrien, Simon, Sebastian, David, Jonathan, Cedric, Stephan

Common girl names:
Marie, Camille, Manon, Laura, Pauline, Mathilde, Emma, Lucie, Clara, Juliette, Melanie, Claire, Ines, Alive, Margaux, Louise, Eva, Caroline, Solene, Agathe, Coralie

Common surnames:
Martin, Bernard, Dubois, Bonnet, Lambert, Garnier, Dumont, Rousseau, Duchamp


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