Beginning as a small tribe known as The Forgotten in the northern part of Ambroise Ame in what is now Porte du Or, the Oublian people tend to range in skin tone from very pale to dark brown. They tend to be average of height (5’4" to 6’4"), and have a range of hair colors in the blonde and brown spectrums. Those with red hair indicate some shared lineage with Verden people, which is not entirely unheard of given their ancestral position just across Treach Bay. Black hair is also not unheard, and indicates some shared lineage with people of Fragrantia or Arena, but that is much more rare.

The standard of beauty and current fashion trend is to appear as pale as possible. Powdered wigs are common among the upper crust. Luxury items like perfumes, jewelry, and fine cloth are very desirable. There is little gender discrimination, but there are also few women in power due to the cultural desire to send girls to the academies rather than pursue politics.


Common boy names:
Tomas, Nicolas, Julien, Quentin, Maxime, Antoine, Pierre, Jaque, Florian, Guillaume, Adrien, Simon, Sebastian, David, Jonathan, Cedric, Stephan

Common girl names:
Marie, Camille, Manon, Laura, Pauline, Mathilde, Emma, Lucie, Clara, Juliette, Melanie, Claire, Ines, Alive, Margaux, Louise, Eva, Caroline, Solene, Agathe, Coralie

Common surnames:
Martin, Bernard, Dubois, Bonnet, Lambert, Garnier, Dumont, Rousseau, Duchamp


The history of the Oublian people is based upon the formalized oral traditions that originated with a small tribe known as The Forgotten in what is now northern Ambroise Ame. Eventually, they grew to become the dominant tribe int he region, and eventually conquered all of what is now Oublia. How this came to be cannot be said for certain, but the Oublian history tomes and commonly held truth is that The Forgotten were a people that were particularly adept with magic. This is a point of pride for Oublians, and why a great number of wizards hail form Oublia, or at least claim Oublian lineage. It’s thought that, through their control of the arcane arts, they were able to quickly take on new lands and conjure more and more superior technology than their neighbors. Eventually, a leader of The Forgotten by the name of Roman Ouble led them (with Verden mercenaries) across the plains and forests to take the land for themselves. Some tribes willingly submitted and were absorbed. Some resisted and eventually cowed. Others were erased from the world. The Augustine Kings, who rule Oublia (though now in name only) are said to descend from Roman Ouble. Through time, the Oublian advance was halted by a civilization with the ability to match them in strength – the Fragrantians. This resulted in several long and brutal wars. The Augustine Kings continually pushing for lands and seeking to undermine their neighbors across the Solda River. This came to a halt when internal conflicts in Oublia came to a head. The marquis of the four provinces conspired behind the king’s back and attempted a coup. The result was a brief civil war, after which the king was forced to sign the Order of Confederation, granting autonomy to the provinces. No sooner had they won than the various marquis turned on each other, and inter-provincial civil war lasted decades. Eventually a truce was called, but tempers often remain high and trust is low between them, and civil war often seems about to break again at any moment.


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