Aorthe is home to all of the traditional instruments in the Player’s Handbook, but there are also some you would not be familiar with outside of this campaign setting.

  • The Myrawrek – A type of flute instrument made by the Ursine people of New Harmony. Their clawed hands do not make playing a traditional flute possible, so it makes sense they developed this unique instrument on their own. In design, it is similar to a cross between an ocarina and a clarinet, as it is a long instrument with wide holes to accommodate large fingers, and a reed to fit tightly in their snouts. It comes in soprano, alto, or tenor varieties. It is commonly made with spruce, and its creation and usage is a large part of the URsime cultural heritage.
  • The Guglug – This wind instrument is commonly made with redwood, and is rested on the ground. It is typically played in public places. It is considered appropriate for the lower classes. It is part of a historic tradition for the sylvari (wild elves)
  • The Reshan – This baritone percussion instrument is commonly made with steel, and is rested on a stand. It is typically played during celebrations. It is considered appropriate for festivals. It is similar to the steel drum.
  • The Uclilsphone
  • Glaifte Horns -
  • Oblohearreo
  • The Gruwa


The world of Aorthe has many nations and cities that produce delightful music. From the dwarven tavern songs to the halfling jigs, from the Arenian jahili to the chamber music of Volkstaadt, and even to the battle hymns and epics of the Verden people, music is very much a part of the culture of all nations. At times bards have even learned of music outside of their culture, leading to music that has a nearly universal appeal, if not slightly changed to the bards own style. Below are some examples of well-known songs throughout the places in Aorthe:

World Music

Some songs cross political and cultural borders to become well known throughout the world. Most of these are drinking songs and song of travelling far form home that are often shared in road houses and taverns.
In Praise to the Revelers
A Storm is Coming
Hay Baby Way
Fifteen Birds
Travelling Song
Randy Dandy O
Winter Song
Merry Inn
The Road Goes Ever On
Song of the Sea
Dead Horse
Old Troll
What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor
Good Morning Ladies
Runnin’ Down to Qota
Arenian Ladies
Maid of Aasonard

Rieno de Arena

Dance of the Snake
Ma’alim fi al-Tariq
The Fire Rises
In the Pharaoh’s Shadow
Alms for the Poor
Vasconselo Our Savior
Vasconselo Our Slaver
Across the Shifting Sands
The Sand Castle


Pharaoh, Giver of Life
The Sator Dynasty
Our God, in the Flesh
Ra-An-Ammun, Praise His Name

The Fragrant Empire

A Last Kiss
Laughing Sun
One Night of Religion
She Wants to Sing
Fish in the Sea
Ave, True to Caesar
The Curse of the Heartsick

The Silver Empire

The Reaper Comes
The Fragrant Death
Silver Blood
We Endure, We Prevail
The Partisans

Royaume Oublie

The Many-Eyed God is Blind
Nation of Woe
Day of the Sky
Banquet of Ecstasy
Symphony No IV in D minor
The Tranquil Assembly No XI
The Age of Anxiety
Lowlands Away

Forste Verden

Riddle Song
Sun Hail
Rune Chant
Hail Day
Hail the Earth
Through Time and Tide
Goddesses and Gods
By Water and Land
Jormundgand’s Song
Today We Celebrate
May The Road Rise Up To Meet You
Lo, There Do I See My Father
On the day that I die
Once I Walked a Dreamland
By Wondrous Powers
Hunters Moon
Mound Maiden
Song of the Einherjar
Candlemas Hymn
Rune Caster’s Chant
Untying Words
The Song of the Nine Sacred Herbs

Orcish Songs (Translated)

40 Years at the Wheel
Blood and Bone
Bowed but Unbroken
Gruumsh Kak Theel
Corgak Wakgut
The Warchief’s Blessing
To the Victor Go the Spoils

Gnomish Songs (Translated)

Fizzwizzle Flim Flam
Jump, Down, Jump, Crawl
A Short, Long Life
Martha Married a Fool
A Dwarf Called Me Short
Never Bet Against a Gnome
Belle Tone Girls

Halfling Songs (Translated)

A Merry Jig
Jenny Get Your Dancin’ Shoes
A Full Belly and a Warm Bed
Twas Only Just a Prank
It’s All in Jest
Couldn’t Have Said It Better Meself
I’ve No Room in My Bed for ye Goose
The Cold Hearth
Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmates
Welcoming Song

Goblin Songs (Translated)

A Dwarf’s Beard Makes a Good Blanket
Shiny Things
Hunted by Dogs
Gerd, Make Me a Pony
One Person’s Trash
Prisoner’s Song

Vistani Songs

Dance of a Million Stars
Flamenco I
Last Drop
We Persevere
Til the Last of Us Dies
Dance of the Mist
The Shadows Fell
Dance of the Flame
Our Fire Rises
Game Of All Fours
Gold Killed The Devil-O
Green Grows The Laurels
If I Were A Blackbird

Dwarven Songs (Translated)

Chip the Glasses, Crack the Plates!
Some Say the Balor is Dead
It’s Off to Work We Go
The King Under the Mountain
Damn the Elves
Durin Walked Alone
A Song of Wind
Hands of My Booty!
The Epic of Gauntlgrym
The Forge
The Tale of Battlehammer
Of the Earth
Drinking Song
Whiskey Johnny O
Roll, Boys, Roll!

Elvish Songs (Translated)

Song of Eldamar
Song of EƤrendil
Farewell Song
A Merry Song
Song of Elbereth


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