Fragrantian people general refer the people of southern Fragrant Empire that share genetic ties to the original groups of tribes that settles along the coast and eventually spread out to conquer much of the known world. They tend to have black hair and brown eyes, and are average height. They tend to have unisex names, differentiating between male or female by changing the suffix (us/um = male, a/am = female.)


Common boy names:
Agrippus, Aelius, Aetius, Albus, Laelius, Lucius, Claudius, etc

Common girl names:
Agrippa, Aelia, Aetia, Alba, Laelia, Lucia, Claudia, etc

Common surnames:
Arquentius, Caecus, Canina, Glycias, Vestalis, Russus, Sabinus, Marcellus, Lepidus


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