Books and Poetry


The Dragon Aernigawog and the Black Knight by unknown
Contains the story about the Black Knight and his quest to rid the world of the terrible ice dragon Aernigawog. Might have clues to weaknesses of the dragon, where to find it, and perhaps even clues to where the Black Knight met his eventual demise.

The History of Cronenwald Castle by Brughan the Scribe
A chronological history of Cronenwald Castle, complete with who designed it, the lords that have resided there, and modifications and remodeling efforts. Might have information about secret corridors and rooms hidden in it, might be used to find out information about the vampire that currently resides there, and may even contain information about the unfinished business the ghost of the Lord Gronathan needs to have done to go to its final rest.

The Glowing in the Night by unknown
Actually a pornographic fairy tale written for the (secret) amusement of one rather … geil Lord. Complete with pictures and perhaps even magical, animated illusions.


These are books and treatises (remember scrolls, clay tablets, magical stone slabs with illusory writing and everything) containing information about spells, research of spells, information about magic related proficiency, creation of magical items or objects, and the like.

The Art and the Invocation by Archmage Grothanla the White
An autobiographical accounting of the life of the Archmage. May even hold information about Grothanla’s eventual lichdom and oddities of the Archmage. It also contains a special evocation spell Grothanla’s Improved Fireball, a 5th level spell combining the effects of a 1d8 HD fireball (i.e., as per Fireball, but with 1d8 instead of 1d6 as the die used when damaging things), with an additional save to avoid being Blinded as per the spell Blindness/Deafness.

The Creation and Calibration of Constructs of the Art by unknwon
If the reader succeeds at an Int check with a 3 penalty to the roll, he will be able to use the powers of this book. Anyone seeking to research any spell pertaining to the animation of constructs or objects, will get the needed time reduced with 20% by using this book. Otherwise, this book does not count towards anything. This book also contains hidden rituals to enchant bone golems an Int check with a 6 penalty will allow any mage of sufficient experience to learn the ritual and ingredients needed to create such a construct. Also, any golems or other magical constructs created with this book available as a reference, will be +1 HP per HD tougher than regular golems, provided the mage passed the 3 Int check.

Levius Levitha by Ssorthanor the Great
This book, written in drow (the mage must succeed in a proficiency check vs. drow with a 2 penalty to the roll to be able to use this book) imparts a curse on the reader to never harm, destroy, or allow to harm the book, and to always be respectful when talking about Ssorthanor. Otherwise, this book helps in all travel and flight related spells, in that duration that are determined by level are increased as if the level of the mage is three levels higher than he really is. This ability is retained if the mage is allowed to study the book for one whole day each time he advances in level, otherwise the ability will fade at the rate of losing one bonus level per level the mage advances. The ability can be used with the following spells, and all other spells that the DM so declares: Flight, Levitate, Murdock’s Feathery Flyer, and Featherfall. Mark that this book does not provide insight in instantaneous travels pells like Teleport and Teleport without Error.

The Power of Directed Magic, by Menander Aylmer
This tome details the workings and variations of the magic missile spell. A Mage who knows magic missile and studies the book for at least a week will gain the following ability. When the Mage casts magic missile she can get one more missile than normal or each missile will do +1 damage. This book must be studied at least an hour a week or the special ability is lost.

La Book o’ Energy, author unknown
Those book tells about how magic is related to energy

Ye Oldie Spellbookie, By Simon the Sorcerer
This book contains 20 random spells

Detection and Manipulation of objects at a Distance by Miars Elpook
Journeyman thesis of Miars Elpook This book described detection techniques and Telekinesis effects that are possible to use on objects up to 50 yards away. The last part of this book details a form of object teleportation (warning, this can be an unbalancing spell. I usually give it a 30% chance of grabbing something random including guardsmen, assassins, etc.)

Uses of Gemstones in Magic Masters by Miars Elpook.
This book details substitutions that can be made if certain spell components are not available. Wizards using it will be able to save approximately 10% of gemstone casting components. If one is adventuring in the lands of Aorthe and meets a man names Miars, they would be wise hiding any valuables from him.

The Complete Apprentice by Archmage Elgar (book one in series)
In this book Elgar details the duties of an apprentice and described different techniques that apprentices should use to help learn spells. Half of this book serves as an exercise booklet. If the entire book is studied for a month and the character makes an int. check, the character reading it will learn a single cantrip of their choice..

The Complete Laboratory by Archmage Elgar (book four in series)
In this book Elgar explains how a modern research laboratory should be equipped. Using this book it is possible to save 10% on a basic library and cut the time required to build a laboratory in half.

Techniques for Animating the Dead (volumes I through VII)
This book details methods of animating the recently dead. It covers methods of making the dead smell better, look better, be stronger, and retain some of the skill they had in life. Use of these books will give a +1 hp per HD to skeletons made while referring to this book. There are also several spells for animating Zombies, but removing the flesh afterwards to prevent their smell and slowness. A must have for all serious Necromancers. Each book has some specialized effects on undead as well as some “new” spells. The writer of this book is now a Lich. All sections on Liches and Vampires are blatantly untrue.

Cantrip Cooking by Chef-Mage Roman Pullo
See: Cooking cantrips to liven up your meal.

The Effects of Magic on Reality, By Corak, The Mysterious
This book contains information that could be utilized to improve any type of spell having to do with reality (i.e.. Teleport, time stopping, gravity modification.)

Enchanting Items in three Easy Lessons By Tim, The Enchanter
This book increases the ease of enchanting things. Also it has three spells in it for enchanting items. What they are are up to the DM.

Creating Magic Swords, For Dummies By unknown
This contains both a set of pre-written enchantments, and also helps them learn to make and develop different ones.

Magically Binding Dragons to Your Will, By unknown
This contains spells and knowledge of binding dragons. Compels their will to the service of a mage. Note: This is not for novice wizards.


These books provide information that usually is very clear and relevant to what the book is about the equivalent of sciencebooks in our world. They are, though inherently about nonmagical subjects, often penned by mages and priests, as they are usually the most knowledgeable about these subjects. They may also read as “Ecology of” articles in Dragon Magazine.

The Life and Death of the Buzzing Raptor by Jormindus the Earthy One
This book gives the vulnerabilities of this creature, and also provides information about what they eat, when they swarm, and the fact that they explode when killed, and then animate as skeleton fragments easily destroyed, yet eerie and dangerous for children and suchlike.

Encyclopaedia Naturalica by The Order of the Golden Candle
Provides a 2 bonus to all Animal Lore and relevant skills, provided that the creature in question is a “natural” beast (not a displacer beast, or other beast with magical powers), and that the book can be referenced (usually 1d63 minutes per reference).

The Brewing of Cortanethic Ale by unknown.
Contains a complete recipe for the brewing of cortanethic ale, a herbal ale said to ease the troubled mind and help heal the woes of the body (may allow an extra 1hp per day of rest if the resting person can drink at least one pint of Cortanethic Ale every day). Not to mention that it is an absolutely delicious ale. To successfully brew a batch of this ale requires a Brewing proficiency check with a 1 penalty on the roll. The ale will need a month to ferment, and should thereafter immediately be decanted on bottles.

A History of the Keeblonesti Elves
Keeblonesti are a halfelf subrace, gnome/woodelf crossbreed, they usually live in hollow trees and have a knack for crafts, such as baking.

Mandalake’s Guide to Gems by Joseph Mandalake
This book is an invaluable accessory to the adventurer who does not have the Gem Appraisal proficiency. By using this book the adventurer can gain such knowledge as specific type of gem, approximate size (using the handy size scales in Appendix A) and value based on size (Appendix B).

The appraiser sells the volume for a scant 5 gp (“It pays for itself in saved appraisal fees” says the appraiser in his sales pitch). Adventurers that come into a participating appraiser’s shop with gem and book in hand will receive the value of the gem as printed (or as listed in the recent edition available at the desk), no fees incurred.

Due to the licensing of the Guide price wars have begun with bonuses of up to 20% offered by appraisers just for using them. While it does not contain every known gem it does contain the most popular, ranging from ornamental to precious gem stones.

The adventurer turns to the page of the gem that is in question, starting from the section on color, moving on to details and flaws until they reach the gem they are looking for (some of course will be immediately identifiable). Once they reach the specific gem they can read about specific properties of the gem (social value, magical value, component value) determining whether it would be suited for them to sell the gem to the appraiser, mages, nobility or keep it for themselves. They can then move onto the appendices which can then tell them about size and value.

They can purchase an additional book and accessory kit that can teach them in a easy to understand format to split large gems into various denominations for adventurers that cannot make amicable arrangements any other way. The addon book and kit cost an additional 10 gp (“Of course it costs more, I giving away my best secrets”, says the appraiser with a genuine hurt look on his face.)

It is rumored that additional volumes may be available to encompass every know gem with addendums added as new gems are discovered, researched and given market values. Naturally with the more rarer gems the volumes grow in cost, with addendums available strictly on a subscriber basis.

A character with Gem Appraisal will look at these volumes at first with disdain and scorn. This knowledge cannot be gained from a book, only from a trained teacher. Until he learns the secret of the books. The monetary values of the gems listed in the books generally undervalue the gems by about 35%. A character with Gem Appraisal may at first think the authors incompetent in their skill but must concede their abilities since the only things in the book that may be inaccurate will be only the pricing. An appraiser with the volume will be able to determine the exact value of a gem (not withstanding variables) once he has been able to deduce the price markdown scheme in the volumes.

Adventurers using the optional Cutter’s kit will have a percentage chance of success:
% Roll Event
0-10 Gem ruined, overall value of remnants reduced to 1% of original value
11-25 Gem damaged, value reduced to 50% of original value
26-74 Gem cutting successful in denominations sought after
75-89 Gem cutting successful, however you manage to cut an additional piece over and above pieces sought after, this piece is valued equal to highest valued piece.
90-00 Gem pieces increased in value by d4 times if the adventurer using the cutter kit is a Gem Appraiser add 20% to roll.

Artificial Flight, a Reality or a Fantasy? By Holyth Maganda
A book about the speculative technology of flying machines.

Spiff’s Book of Gambling Strategies, by Spiff
Raises a character’s chance of winning in a gamble

A Guide to the Decoration & Usage of Arms & Armor, by the College of Heralds

Coats of Arms Granted for the Year XXX, by the College of Heralds
These are big books in my world, where heraldry is a privilege of the Nobility only, and carrying artwork on your armor, etc without permission is severely punished.

The History of Halflings by Eorwyn Fiddlestick
If the PC’s find this books they could read and learn some more of this race, it will benefit a Halfling character. It also provides information on the barbarian ghostwise halflings.

The Book of Elven Kind, author unknown
Similar to the above, but geared toward elves.

King Hypan and the Establishment of the Iranaoan Empire (four books) by SURA
Tales of Hypan and the founding of the Iranaoan Empire. This empire has been destroyed at least 700 years in my world, but research from these books is useful to learn more about Iranaoan Objects and locations of the ancient Iranao Capitol.

Lord Vanheilep’s Circle of Five (three books)
Collected Bardic Tales, modified so that all the heroes seem to be in the service of a single lord. These tales might be very helpful to a bard, but every creature and spell are so fantastic that kobolds are described as slavering monsters from the pit of hell.

The Events Leading to the Fall of the Sulanese Empire (four books) by the Flat-Aorthe Society
Tales of the council of Iranaoan archmages finding a lurking force of evil tainting the kingdom. The entire council worked on containing this evil, but apparently the evil was tied heavily to the artifacts built to power the kingdom’s expansion efforts. The mages in this tale are extremely high leveled (wish and resurrect are both cast several times) The book ends abruptly when the High council decides that the evil taint must be driven out at all costs. (this book is old and worn, a copy of a copy of a copy of the original.

Inventions of the Rorian Empire by Redgrave Hornsby (two books)
Very warlike empire.

The Muphate Book of Muphate Nobles by Gar Harmmon (4 books)
Describes the original Nobles of the Muphate kingdom. This book details 300 years worth of the royal lines. It will give a +3 to all Muphate Heraldry or history checks.

*The Complete Book of Revimore Lords by Olas Assura (3 small books)(
This is a book describing the Nobel lines of the Revimore Empire. This book has been “altered” several times to add legitimacy to different blood lines. (almost worthless except that it describes the government system of a completely nonmagical empire. A form of socialism by with a heavy war movement.)

Legends of the Night by the Gron the Blasphemer
Ghoulish stories about the undead and demonic creatures. This book is a lovecraft style book, but is quite useful as a reference. Most of the knowledge is correct (90%) and any Chaotic Evil Undead or Extraplanar creature has a 30% chance of being in the book. Reading the book has a 1% chance of driving the character insane cumulative for each time the book is read. The last page actually is glued together and contains a scroll of open Planar Gate. It is cursed and will be read on sight.

The World of Brittania by unknown
This is a book about the mythical world of Brittiania. It discusses the adventures of a hero named King Arthur.

Trees Of The Plague by Aerlea Nivvenias
A tale of the Fiery Panic plague, cured by Dr. Aldus Harrington.

Guardians And Horses by Red-Back Roan
A book about the Red Backs tribe told by someone that lived with them for two years.

Never Trust The Swamp by Bern Landrath
A survival manual for bushcraft in the swamp – specifically mentioned Lys Marais, Dismal Swamp, and the Soundless Marsh.

Screams At The Forest by Auntie Gretchen
A book of scary stories for children.

Goddess Of Freedom by Josephine Fredricks
A book that is semi-autobiographical and part speculative – it’s ostensibly about Wren Knackle, but told by a person she personally saved during the Time of Troubles.

Witches Of The End by the Hag Hag Collective
A work about the Wives of the Unseen Moon

Widow Of The Prison by Geru Petrikov
About the Prison of Ator.

Breath Of The Abyss by unknown
A book of incantations to summon and bind a demon.

Promises Of The Nation by Pele Rippling Water
A scathing work about the mistreatment of The Harrape tribe at the hands of the marquis. The author has since disappeared and possessing this book is grounds for arrest in Lareux Foret.

Children of the Full Moon by Anonymous Werebeast
A book detailing lycanthropes of many types. Does not than explain the disease, but reveals a bit of the culture of those that choose to live as a werebeast.

Searching In The Catacombs by Profer the Scribe
A book by adventurers, for adventurers, detailing tricks of the trade for surviving the exploration of ruins.

Orcs Of The Ancestors by Gru’Ko Rho
A book about the origins and history of the Umuk orcs.

Spire Of Tomorrow by unknown
A work about the Spire of Tomorrow – a place which expert connot agree is fictional or not, but according to the book once existed in a city in the south.

Mad In Hell by Paulo the Summoner
A book by an expert on the organization, history, and politics of the 9 Hells.

Foolish In The Dungeons by Profer the Scribe
The popular follow up to Searching in the Catacombs which serves are more of a book of “don’ts” – essentially a compilation of horrifying and occasionally amusing tales of things gone wrong in the adventuring business.

Monsters And Cooks by Oliver Molyneux
An account of the rise and fall of Lord Alden Cook and the ultimate fate of his great experiment of creating the most exclusive dining experience in the world.

Attracted To Secrets by Nora Heavingbossom
A series of trashy romance novels featuring the reoccurring character of Mimi, an apprentice wizard at the fictional Longwand Magical Academy.

Children’s Books

Little Bird Book Of Puzzles by Riddlemaster Rho
Simple puzzles for children.

Chickens Of My Dreams by Gloria Fruum
The tale of a young farm girl named Rosie and her pet chickens.

Boys And Little Dragons by Lord Richard Dun
The tale of Barney Lateur, who imagines himself as a knight and goes on a quest to slay a baby dragon. They end up becoming friends.

Rabbits And Carrots by Carrick of the Green Thumb
A book on nature facts for kids.

Watch Of Stone by Copernicus Copernicus
This is actually a series of books. It features a brother and sister team that, in the first book, are transported a a magical land ruled by the mysterious Watchers. It’s currently on book five and ended with a cliffhanger. Parents and children grow impatient as the author has failed to deliver on the sixth book for more than a year past due now. Since the author used a pen name no one is really sure who it is.

Tale Of Yesterday by Dawn Rosemund
A tale for teens about a young woman who falls in love with a soldier just before he leaves for war. He returns injured and, not believing himself to be worthy of her any longer, lives as a beggar and watches her from afar.

Amazing Life Of The Fields by Carrick of the Green Thumb
A nature book and apprentice alchemy book for children.

Legends of the Fae Creatures, Bedtime stories for children
Tales mostly focus on sprites, pixies, brownies, gnomes, troggs, and gremlins. Magical creatures that are mostly good in nature. The tales are 30% true.

Books and Poetry

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