Arienians, as a culture, are still very fledgling. It’s an ethinic group that is developing following the creation of the nation of Rieno de Arena several decades ago. It is essentially a blending of cultures of the native desert tribes and the conquering Fragrantian people. They tend to be slightly shorter than average (5’2" to 6’2") and have black hair and brown eyes.


Common boy names:
Jao, Luis, Ricardo, Miguel, Pedro, Rui, Tiago, Afonso, Ruben, Bruno, Filipe, Anotonio, Jorge, Carlios, Marco, Fidalgo

Common girl names:
Ana, Mariana, Beatriz, Maria, Catarina, Rita, Sofia, Margardia, Patricia, Teresa, Liliana, Susana, Carina, Matilde, Liah, Mara, Maya

Common surnames:
Silvia, Santgos, Ferreira, Pereira, Oliviera, Costa, Matins, Fernandes, Gomes, Lopes, Alves, Almeida, Ribeiro, Correia, Mondes, Rocha, Vasconselos


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