Pharaoh Amunhikhosef

Ruler of Imephosep, or what's left of it.


In Reino de Arena there is a portion of the eastern continent that is beyond the control of the Cesaria. This place is known as the Badlands. Its habitats are varied, but consistently brutal. Vast roasting desserts, caustic flats, acidic swamps, jagged rocky mountains… It could be said that no one rules the Badlands, but the one to come the closest is the Pharaoh. His family ruled all of Reino de Arena, then known as Imsephotep, before the colonization of the land. Their dynasty is marked with cruelty, slavery, and oppression. Forced into the badlands by the Cesaria’s father’s troops, the Pharaoh remains, plotting to destroy the invaders. What influence he has only extends as far as his might allows, with the rest of the Badlands remaining wild. His forces of mostly Orcs and human desert tribes has recently become bolstered by demons thanks to his agreement with Demogorgon.He rules from his palace in Erastur, mid-continent in a massive oasis.


Pharaoh Amunhikhosef

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