Menander Aylmer


Only heir of a moderately wealthy family, at a young age he became fascinated by the mysterious art of magic and shortly after the death of his father he sold his family’s business and estate in order to pursue a study of magic. After fully devoting his life to his magical studies and the pursuit of hidden knowledge he realizes that he will never have children and therefore no heir, wishing to keep his money and legacy in the family he adopts his nephew Imogen to be the heir of what remained of his modest fortune also also strongly encourages Imogen to begin a magical study, never suspecting his nephew’s greed or unwillingness to wait for his inheritance Menander soon finds himself arrested for a murder he did not commit, framed for the crime by his ungrateful nephew.

Not to one to be deterred Menander is determined to free himself from his prison, clear his name and deliver Imogen to Justice.

Menander Aylmer is dedicated, studious and devoted to learning. He can’t pass up an opportunity to study something new and prior to his arrest had spent a considerable part of his family’s fortune not only on purchasing magical tomes but also all studies, having a small personal library filled with books on history, biology, religion and nature.

Menander Aylmer

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