Marquis Oliver Everett Molyneux

Ruler of Bordeaux-Mobile


To the east in the region of Bordaeux-Mobile is Marquis Molyneux. Of the four marquis, most would pick him as the most harmless, relatively speaking, and say that his greatest sin is just that he is very stupid. However, one should never forget how dangerous a combination stupidity, money, and power can be.

Once, he evicted a family from their home because he found their house “ugly”. He would later explain that, because one front window was smaller than the other, it seemed to be winking at him. Meanwhile his people are living under crushing poverty due to his horribly mismanaged government. Because of this, it’s in this region that The Company has the largest total area of land holdings and is, in many ways, the de facto government. In fact, entire company towns have sprung up throughout the region without Molyneux even knowing about it. Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t care. In terms of governance, the country is split between several Vidames that are far more powerful than typical for that noble rank. At times, they even war with each other to expand their territory.

Marquis Oliver Everett Molyneux

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