Marquis Jean-Pierre Rousseau

Ruler of Pointe-a-la-Hache


Rousseau is the ruler of Pointe à la Hache, the northern kingdom. He’s an extremely ambitious man to a dangerous degree. He is the sort of man that will not hesitate to bend or break whatever rules he must in order to get ahead. That includes outright murdering his enemies, a fact which he makes absolutely no effort to hide. The fact that Rousseau is so preoccupied with his own ambition means he has a real laissez faire approach to governing. So, it’s every person for themselves out in The Hash, but it beats the situation in the other regions. Better to be left out in the cold than pushed out there, I suppose. All of this probably makes Rousseau the least objectionable of the Governors, except he also has this sheriff named “Cinder” Williams who’s not much more than a killer dressed up in a badge. Seems between the two of them, Rousseau’s pretty much unstoppable, and there’s no telling what he’ll do when he gets what he wants.


Marquis Jean-Pierre Rousseau

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