Konungr Vethormr Thorvalldson

Former king of Forste Verden, who had succeeded in uniting the clans under his banner.


Previously, the various Jarls of the clans acted independently, with some of them worshiping Tempus, god of war, and others worshiping Talos, god of storms. Because the Talos worshipers thrived on instability, chaos, and human sacrifice, it had never before been possible in the nation’s history to unite. Vethmor was able to bring the Tempus worshipers together and his army drove out the Talos worshipers. He ruled from his palace in Lynheim. However, Talos, god of storms, grew jealous of these Tempus worshiping vikings, and sought vengeance for slaying his worshipers. He sent his two favorite pets, a mated pair of ancient blue dragons named Bassith and Bayorth, to Lynheim and rained destruction down upon them, killing everyone within a ten mile radius and crushing the fledgling kingdom under his heel. The Talos worshipers returned, and the terrible demonstration won new converts as well, and never since has a Jarl risen to defy him. Einarr Ragnother is the only living descendant of Vethmor Thorvalldson, his great-grandson.


Konungr Vethormr Thorvalldson

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