King Sacriphant Laurent Augustine

King of Royaume Oublie, in name only.


Prior to the signing of the Order of Confederation, the nation was ruled as a whole by the Augustine line for three generations. The current king, Sacriphant Laurent Augustine III inherited the kingdom from his father, Sacriphant Laurent Augustine II. His grandfather, Sacriphant Laurent Augustine I, took the kingdom via coup from the former royal line – the Bauffremont, who ruled for 4 generations. The Bauffremont took the kingdom from the Robertian family, who ruled just 1 generation. The Robertians from the Talhouet (3 generations), then the Aubert (2 generations), then the Chambrun (4 generations) and from there the line is broken, as Oublia lives as a series of fractured states for some time, and before that the rest is lost to history, though the peasant folk believe in the old wives tale that the first kings we common folk that rose up to lead the Forgotten to conquer what is now Oublia.

King Sacriphant Laurent Augustine III would have had heirs if not for the Order of Confederation and the war leading up to its signing. The queen was killed in an assassination attempt on the king by an unknown person. He had three sons – Sacriphant Laurent IV, William Abignale, Charles Nicolas – who were killed by three of the current marquis in an effort to force the king to sign the Order. The three marquis, in a brazen show of force, stormed the king’s palace and forcibly pulled the princes from their beds, hanging them from the king’s own walls around his palace. They threatened to do the same to his daughters and grandchildren if he did not sign, and so he did.

The king had two daughters – Magritte Evreaux and Agnes Murat. Margritte and Agnes were the youngest children, mere kids when their brothers were killed. Margritte, the older of the two, was emotionally scarred from the event. She never married, took a vow of poverty, and changed her name to become a Grey Maiden. The king reports to still keep in touch with her, but has never revealed her current identity. Agnes did marry and had three sons with her husband Charles of Montfaucon. Her middle son was lost, presumed dead, at sea while he was still a child. Her oldest son and husband fell during the during the civil war that followed the signing of the Order while she was pregnant with their youngest child. She went into labor after hearing of their death, and would lose her life in childbirth. The child, who the king named Phillipe, is now his only surviving heir – other than Magritte, though the king seems intent on honoring her wishes against the advice of his inner circle. Within 1 generation, thanks to the machinations of the marquis, the royal Augustine line has been utterly decimated.

King Sacriphant Laurent Augustine

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