Cesaria Bernadette Araujo Vasconselos-Corriea

The ruler of Rieno de Arena, in the fertile lands of the continent of Ehesh. Per palace resides in Ashtesma.


The current ruler of the eastern part of Reino de Arena.

She rules from the capital of her kingdom – Ashtesma, which is built upon the ruins of the former Imsephotep capital of Astura. Her palace there is known as The Palace of the Sands, but it is comically referred to as The Sand Castle, though the term has become considered derogatory, as her enemies say that she is as easily undermined as a sand castle.

In person, the Cesaria projects a presence of confidence and control. However, it’s clear during moments of weakness that this is a facade that she maintains. She is well aware that if she crumbles, her entire kingdom may be at stake.


The ruler of Rieno de Arena was born to Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago and Cesaria Carmen Milarda Correia-Savladore on the 19th of November 878 in the Palace of the Sands of Ashtesma.

Just two years before her birth, her father, Ceasare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago, colonized the nation after wresting control of it from the ruling pharaohs, launching his invasion from their current homelands on the islands just north of Ashtemsa (The Isles of Chalk.) Prior to that, the entire continent of Ehesh had been ruled by pharaohs of the Sator Dynasty since the time just after the Rend-Asunder. The current Pharaoh Amunhikoseph was not killed in the coup, however. Instead, he retreated to the western part of Ehesh, in a place called the Badlands. There the Pharaoh maintains his war with the Arenian people, and has been a constant source of trouble for the Vasconselos line, including the assassination of Cesaria Bernadette’s parents on the 15th of March, 898. Following that, Cesaria Bernadette assumed the throne at just 20 years old.

Unmarried and without an heir, the Cesaria is in a weak position politically, but her leadership and control of the largest port in Ehesh, and controller of the channel between Ehesh and Abari, makes her a very powerful ruler. It also presents her will inumerable challenges as she deals with the ongoing civil war on one hand, and tries to keep the merchants and trade unions happy.

Cesaria Bernadette Araujo Vasconselos-Corriea

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