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Imagine a world that is both new and old. One that bears the scars of forgotten battles and civilizations, yet remains new and undiscovered. That is Aorthe. The land is pocked with the remains and relics of lost peoples, and bears the unmistakable marks of events that have left it broken, and the people living on it’s surface changed.

By currently reckoning, Aorthe suffered a major cataclysmic event nearly 1000 years ago. It was so destructive that it essentially sent the entire world into a Dark Age where the majority of advancement and knowledge were lost and the people scattered to the winds. When the dust settled, people regrouped into basic tribal communities, surviving in a post-apocalyptic fashion. Over the course of the millennium, the various peoples either flourished or suffered according to the various fates that guided them, until the world eventually became what it is today. What is known if it, anyway.

It is a land that is both primal and enlightened, with science and superstition co-existing. It is a world in the cusp of a Renaissance where exploration, invention, and re-discovery of a world re-claimed by nature is the impetus for fame and fortune or tragedy and death. Where new lands await those brave enough to find them, and immense riches wait in ruins of civilizations lost and destroyed in the innumerable cycles of destruction and rebirth that is apparent in the archaeological record of Aorthe.

Worms of the Senses, Tricks of the Mind